Why Choose Valentine Corporation for your Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Project?

Since 1964 Valentine Corporation has distinguished itself as an innovative general engineering contractor within the greater Bay Area based on our ability to successfully tackle unique and challenging structural engineering and construction projects.

Our Fiber Reinforced Polymer Division offers a unique resolution for many seismic, earthquake, blast and fire protection and non intrusive concrete restoration projects.

Perhaps the most notable within the Corporation’s vast spectrum of engineering applications are its construction endeavors within the Marine environment.  The company has pioneered and successfully implemented numerous procedures and construction methods for repair and strengthening of piles for piers and supporting wharf structures.  These state of the art procedures encompass concrete, shotcrete, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), structural steel and timber applications in wide and diverse settings, including underwater pile repair, phased reconstruction of existing bridge pilings, and concrete and timber wharf repair.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer is a fast, inexpensive and non intrusive solution to commercial and residential properties where the use may be changing requiring additional strength in the existing building.  Fiber Reinforced polymer (FRP) is used by the military and is proven to be extremely effective for blast protection and fire protection.

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