Valentine Corporation is a unique diversified general engineering contractor, specializing in a wide range of infrastructure construction projects in the heavy highway public construction market.

 Typical areas of work include:

  • Bridge construction

  • Bridge seismic retrofit construction

  • Building construction

  • Commercial parking structures and garages

  • New commercial building foundations

  • Cofferdams and sheet pile bulkheads

  • Slide corrections

  • Deep foundation work

  • Building and commercial retrofits

  • Marine wharves

  • Structural rehabilitation of marine wharves

  • Storm & flood-control systems

  • Sanitary plants & facilities

  • Underground Utility Construction

  • Water storage and transmission facilities

  • Pump-stations

  • Underwater concrete & piling repairs

  • Bulkheads, retaining walls, tieback & soil nail walls

  • Fiber reinforced polymer composite construction

For your next construction project, consider Valentine Corporation as your heavy construction structure specialist. Valentine Corporation – construction and business excellence since 1964.